Thursday, March 30, 2017

Itay: Terrorist cell arrested

(Venice) Police in Venice have swooped on a Kosovan terrorist cell comprising of 3 men and a woman. Italian authorities have had phone taps on the cell for months which revealed them celebrating last week’s terrorist attack in London, when one of the religious bigots  was heard proposing they bomb the famous Rialto bridge they moved.

You'll go straight to paradise because of all the infidels in Venice. Put a bomb on the Rialto."
Venice prosecutor Adelchi d'Ippolito said a search of a Venice apartment showed the suspects were getting in physical shape and watching videos of Islamic extremists on how to carry out knife attacks.
The police decided that they couldn't take any chances so they carried out twelve raids: 10 in Venice's historic centre, one in nearby Mestre and one in Treviso to the north. early on Thursday morning.