Monday, March 20, 2017

News from the Golan Heights: 20/03/17

Israel decided to take out a Syrian missile shipment to Hezb-allah last Thursday. Syria did launch a number of anti-aircraft missiles at the elusive IDF jets, but they all failed to hit a target.
The launching of missiles against Israeli aircraft carrying out strike operations against arms deliveries (which are intended to be used against Israel) to Hezb-allah   saw Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Liberman issue a warning to Syria that the next time, they are used, the IDF will destroy said missile sites.

A possible continuation of the above bunfight saw the IDF take out Yasser Hussein al-Sayyid (A known Hezb-allah affiliate) in a targeted airstrike as he drove from Damascus towards the Golan heights.
Yasser Hussein al-Sayyid
And all that was left of his car
The recent ramping up of tensions around the Golan heights area by the likes of Iran, Hezb-allah, and Syria with an aim to take the region by force from Israel has seen Jerusalem ensure the message is sent that they will stamp down hard on those who claim to belong to the so called religion of peace.