Friday, March 10, 2017

Muslim world up in arms over the Israeli nighttime ban on the Islamic call to prayer...via loudspeakers.

(Jerusalem) Israel has yet again earned the wrath of the Islamic world over how it is looking at banning the use of loudspeaker fixed to Mosques (But primarily to the top of minarets) to broadcast to the world the Islamic call to prayer. What isn't been widely broadcaster by the only victims of the non-Islamic world is the ban is between 11pm and 7am and that the call to prayer by the traditional method by human voice is still allowed.  Turkey, Hamas Pakistan and Jordan have opined that this so called ban is an attack on Islam and human rights. Yet the detractors out there, also eave out that Islamic countries such as Egypt. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have either implemented, or put in place bans on the call to prayer by electronic loudspeaker during silent hours. 

In this day and age of mobile phone technology, why aren't the faithful using them to summon them to their daily prayer schedule? It’s not as if nobody has knocked out a app or two in which to do just that.

Now before somebody tries to berate me as being ‘insensitive’ tell me how would you feel if you were woken every morning at around 0430 by somebody blaring their music systems out for all the world to hear.  Funny enough, in Turkey during Ramadan, Pious idiots actually march up and down streets in the very early hours (between 2 and 4am) banging a drum for all to hear and where 8 years ago, somebody decided to shoot 20 year old Efe Cosar for his early morning call.