Thursday, March 2, 2017

Iraq: This shows exactly why Arabs can't fight for toffee

(Iraq) When ISIS invaded Iraq the other year they swept across virtually the entire country sweeping aside vastly superior forces within days. Only now after years of being hammered from the air has ISIS been military degraded enough for the Iraqi forces to take the fight to Islamic state. But the path to reclaim the country has been tortuous and ISIS have made the Iraqis pay dearly for each each foot of ground they have lost. So when I came across this video clip, it fully explains to me exactly why the Arabs (In this case the Iraqis) lost so much ground and men to a bunch of religious bigots with very little military training other than the desire to die in battle. To make my point clearer, the Kurds have run a much more effective campaign against ISIS than have either the Syrians, Iraqis or Turks with much less.
It seems that basic military tactics are beyond the ability of the Arabs. Kind of explains why when they face somebody who can actually fight they roll over faster than an 'Allah ackba'. The adage all the gear, no idea never rung so true.