Saturday, December 12, 2015

Thousands of Calais Muslim migrants to take over idyllic English tourist hamlet

(Daily Express) AN IDYLLIC English tourist hamlet is set to be over-run by thousands of male migrants from Calais after the Government announced plans for an asylum seeker centre.

Shockingly the men – largely from war-torn and morally corrupt nations in east Africa and some parts of the Middle East – will OUTNUMBER the horrified villagers.

The 150 residents of Earnley, near the popular Witterings beaches in West Sussex, have overwhelmingly voted against the Home Office plans for Earnley Concourse, a former educational holiday home for foreign students, to be turned into a temporary home for men fleeing their war-torn homelands in the Middle East and Africa.

As many as 200 men, aged between 18 and 39, will be housed in the centre - which currently only has room for 101 students - for between three and 19-days at a time.

Many will come from the notorious Jungle camp in Calais.

The plans have caused panic in the hamlet and surrounding area, with flyers posted through every door warning the residents, many who are elderly, the plan for more than 6,000 young men to come through Earnley in a year is "entirely disproportionate".

Residents of the tiny hamlet - which has about 70 homes, one church and no shops - are concerned the arrival of the men will put their safety at risk.

And business owners in nearby Bracklesham, where the nearest shop is, are worried the influx of refugees will put their fragile tourist industry at risk.