Friday, December 18, 2015

Swiss students accused of racism because they wore a blue shirt to show they were proud of being Swiss

Don't you just love the world progressives created?
(The Local) A blue shirt with embroidered edelweiss flowers used to promote farmers in Switzerland has become the focus of an ardent national debate since a school teacher in the canton of Zurich banned students from wearing one, calling it a “racist symbol”.

The incident occurred last Friday when a dozen students showed up wearing the shirts at a secondary school in Gossau, the SonntagsBlick newspaper reported.

The teacher banned three of them from returning to her class in the afternoon because of her concerns the students were making a racist statement about Swiss citizens, the newspaper said.

The school’s administration quickly distanced itself from the decision but it kicked off a media storm of commentary and nationwide political reaction.

Later, the teacher recognized that she had over-reacted.

“This shirt does not violate the dress code of our establishment and is not banned,” school principal Patrick Perenzin said, according to a report from Le Matin.