Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The source of homegrown Islamic terrorism

Leftists in U.S. politics and academia have taught Muslims contempt for America.
(WaTi) Muslims around the world know that America is a Judeo-Christian country and its Constitution has been based on those canons. They also know that this Constitution respects all faiths, does not force Christianity on the citizens and allows freedom of worship.

It is also a fact that like all others, the Muslims who have immigrated to the United States came knowing in advance that this country was founded by Europeans with Western values, traditions and culture. Yet they stood in long lines, filled out long forms and waited, some for years, to get the green light to come to America. They all took the oath of allegiance to become a citizen and all they expected was freedom and opportunity for a better life.

Many of these Muslims, including Iranians, are secular and fled to America because the Islamic rulers mistreated them and took away their freedoms, equality and human dignity. They came to live in democracy free from Shariah law in a country where religion is separated from the state.

Others came because they were condemned to live in poverty, ignorance and hopelessness. The corrupt Islamic homeland did not provide them with economic security, jobs and a better future for their children. They came to have the opportunity to work and feel proud as a sovereign human being, providing their children a future to grow and prosper. They are grateful for the opportunity that they would have never had in the Islamic homeland.

However, as time goes on, they become indoctrinated by Americans to hate America, they are told that this is not the great country they had envisioned. They listen to National Public Radio and MSNBC and are told by their new compatriots, how unjust this country is. At work they learn from the ideologues that the 1 percent is in charge of this country. They are taught that white people are racists and discriminate against every non-white, and they are now living under the unjust privileged white.

Their children who have no knowledge of what their parents fled, go to American schools where they learn that Christianity is the white man’s intolerant religion that they are fighting. They are told that Christians are against Muslims and have massacred Muslims and stolen their lands and wealth for centuries, but that very Islamic despotism that their fathers fled is a religion they respect in the name of tolerance and multiculturalism.

Under the progressive atmosphere of academia at the universities, young American Muslims are taught anti-Americanism by professors. They are taught that America is a racist society that discriminates against them because of their religion and that the Founding Fathers of this country were a group of white, privileged slaveowners. They are led to buy into the rhetoric that Americans are war-mongers who have mistreated Muslims, and who support Israel and American oil companies while becoming billionaires as a result of looting the wealth of Muslim nations. The young and uninformed Muslims will naturally want to join the “progressive” crowd.

The daily news from the Muslim world is unsettling, and it leaves them no choice but to go along and become a part of the anti-American movement of the intellectual elites, gravitating toward animus and retribution.

It is American intelligentsia, the mainstream media and leftist politicians who teach young Muslim Americans to hate America, not ISIS, al-Shabab, al Qaeda or the Khomeiniist regime in Iran.

Even the jihadists learn anti-American propaganda from Americans themselves and repeat what they hear from American universities, the media and political attacks by Democratic candidates.

In spite of what President Obama and Hillary Clinton say, the tools of Muslim tyrants and jihadi terrorists are not Gitmo or proposed policies of the opposition. Their real tool is what the left repeatedly puts out for the sake of getting votes.

The young Muslims learn to hate America from the words of the president of the United States and candidate Clinton, not from ISIS.

The Islamic regime in Iran hands out big paychecks to American professors to deliver lectures during their summer vacations in universities in Iran, where they invariably become advocates for Islam and a reference point in their anti-American propaganda.

The repeated story that Gitmo and every word against Islamic terrorism is a recruiting tool for Islamic terrorism is made up by Democrats as a political talking point to glean Muslim votes. The jihadists hear, learn and are only too happy to use the same talking points to their advantage.

With this cacophony of self-loathing in the United States, there is no need for ISIS to lift a finger to recruit the young and uninformed Muslims.