Monday, December 14, 2015

FBI arrests Baltimore resident Mohamad Elshinawy for providing material support to ISIS

(NBC) The FBI has arrested an Edgewood, Maryland, man suspected of providing material support to ISIS.

Mohamad Elshinawy allegedly pledged his allegiance to ISIS and said his "soul was over there with the jihadists," according to the FBI.

Elshinawy was formally charged Monday in U.S. District court in Baltimore with attempting to provide material support or resources to a designated foreign terrorist organization, obstruction of agency proceedings, and making false statements and falsifying or concealing material facts.

The FBI said Elshinawy was instructed by ISIS to "cause destruction" or to conduct a terrorist attack in the United States. He allegedly pretended to sell printers on eBay to mask payments coming from a suspected ISIS operative. Elshinawy received the payments through Western Union and PayPal, authorities said.

Elshinawy allegedly used an Internet hotspot allowing him to go online quasi-anonymously and used social media, email accounts and "pay as you go" phones to communicate.

The FBI said he used a social media account under the pseudonym "Egyptt in USA" and declared a "love of jihad."

I bet Mohamad Elshinawy came here as a refugee.