Thursday, October 25, 2012

"President Obama is destroying the middle class. He is burying the poor and crushing retirees."

(Fox Nation) President Obama had us all fooled… until now!

I spend a great portion of my time analyzing the economy and the affects of policy on our lives. Last night I put it all together.

President Obama claims to be the protector of the poor and the middle class, a man of the people. He vilifies the wealthy “millionaires and billionaires” every chance he can.

In a moment of economic clarity I realized what is “really” going on. President Obama is destroying the middle class. He is burying the poor and crushing retirees. He is even doing major damage to one of his strongest allies, the unions.

Under Obama’s treasury department, Ben Bernanke has been printing money like no other time in history. Over a trillion dollars printed so far and much more to come.

Here’s how the scam works. Banks are allowed to “borrow” from the fed at virtually zero% (0%). they then take “our” money and loan it right back to the government, a risk free handout to the banks, from us. The bank’s loan some of our money to the middle class and poor at 4% or 5% whatever they can get. Home loans, car loans, etc., that’s more free money to the banks. And, what they can’t loan, they throw into the stock market… in bundles of billions of dollars… driving up stock prices.

All these gimmicks create huge profits for the banks, printing and loaning trillions of dollars keeps interest rates at zero. Obama and Bernanke keep telling America low interest rates are good for the economy. But look what’s really happening:

Interest rates artificially held at zero crush middle class families who have investments in bonds. Many do. And it forces the middle class to make riskier and riskier investments. Which they cannot afford to do.

Interest rates artificially held at zero crush the poor by driving prices to the moon.

Interest rates artificially held at zero are destroying the nest eggs of retirees. There are millions of retirees who thought they would be financially stable when they retire. The problem is that they are heavily invested in fixed income products. Fixed income means their investments are tied to interest rates. Meaning zero interest, zero returns and zero income for retirees… so, it forces our parents and grandparents to work 5 or 6 more years than they had planned. Ever wonder why more and more retirees are headed back to work. Greeting customers at Wal-Mart or bagging groceries at Albertson’s? Thank Obama.

Lastly, zero interest rates are mortally wounding pensions of all kinds. Pension funds rely on bonds for a majority of their income. Some pension funds (even state pension funds) have investments earning zero. While keeping them on the books at 6%, 7% or higher. That means their “unfunded liability” is massive. If they go belly up, guess who’s going to get stuck with that tab? Yep, you and me!

One final thought, the food stamp (SNAP) program has doubled since Obama took office. You know why? It’s not what the president keeps blaming, “we inherited a bad economy”. Nope… it’s what I outlined above. Prices are spiking and the poor can’t keep up. Hence, more assistance is needed.

It was a real awakening for me. But with only 12 days until the election I think a spotlight needs to be shined on the hypocrisy president Obama is trying to hide…

The banks and traders are getting richer and the poor, the middle class, retirees and pensions are being taken to the slaughter house.

The bottom line, President Obama is exactly the opposite of what he is selling the American public… he is the friend of the fat cat bankers, brokers and thieves and a cancer to the neediest among us.