Friday, October 19, 2012

Lebanese government to sue producers of TV drama Homeland because 'it portrays Beirut as full of terrorists', as huge car bomb in central Beirut kills 8 and wounds 80

You just can't make this up.
(Daily Mail) Tourism leaders in Lebanon want to sue the producers of US drama 'Homeland' claiming the latest episode was full of 'lies' and wrongly depicts Beirut as harbouring terrorists.

Lebanese Tourism Minister Fadi Abboud is so upset about the show's 'damaging' portrayal of the city that he is consulting lawyers.

Abboud said the episode wrongly depicted the city as a strong-hold for terrorists and a place where foreigners can easily fall victim to random attacks.

However his comments have now been overshadowed by a car bomb which rocked the city this afternoon.

At least eight people have been killed and an estimated 80 people wounded in the worst blast seen in the city for years.

BEIRUT (Reuters) - A huge car bomb exploded in central Beirut during rush hour on Friday, killing eight people, wounding about 80 and raising fears of renewed sectarian violence in a country still scarred from a long civil war.

The explosion did not appear to target any political figure in Lebanon's divided community but it occurred at a time of heightened tension between Lebanese factions on opposite sides of the conflict in neighboring Syria.

It ripped through the street where the office of the anti-Damascus Christian Phalange Party is located near Sassine Square in Ashrafiyeh, a mostly Christian area.