Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hamas releases video detailing its own war crimes

(WJD) The genocidal Palestinian terrorist group Hamas proved itself to be as stupid as it is murderous on Monday, with the group's release of a video showing its operatives firing missiles at Israeli civilians from a populated urban area. In effect, the video constitutes evidence of two war crimes: A deliberate attack on civilians, and the use of other civilians as human shields. As YNet notes,
Terror groups in the Gaza Strip have been known to shoot out of populated areas so as to stop the IDF from retaliating in a manner that may target innocent citizens. But while they often release videos of the rocket fire, the groups seldom document shooting from populated areas.
Israel has long charged that Hamas uses civilians as human shields against retaliation, and that it deliberately endangers them in order to foment anti-Israel propaganda. For the most part, this has fallen on deaf ears. Now, ironically, indisputable proof that Israeli claims are true has been provided by none other than Hamas itself. Blinded by its virulent racism and absurd braggadocio, the terrorist group has indicted itself far more effectively than Israel ever could.