Sunday, October 21, 2012

Iran's Mullahs Panic Over Prospect of Romney Victory, Sound Just Like US Left

(INN) Iran’s government mouthpiece Press TV is panicking over the prospect of a defeat for President Barack Obama and warns that Mitt Romney will steal the election through “black-box” voting machines that “manufacture election outcomes.” [...]

Riots also may break out after Romney is declared the winner, the media outlet continued. [...]

"If Romney steals the election, and African-Americans pour into the streets, they will be joined, at least in some areas, by angry whites, Hispanics, and others…

“If the Republicans steal another presidential election, …America might experience a wave of protests that would make the aftermaths of the Martin Luther King assassination, and the Rodney King beating, look like a picnic in the park.

For a change, Press TV did not refer to the “Zionist conspiracy” having a guiding hand in the “fraudulent” polls and the predicted “stolen” election.