Saturday, December 7, 2013

Obama takes up new agenda item after battering on healthcare

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama, battered by weeks of turmoil over the malfunctioning HealthCare.Gov website, turned to a fresh item on his agenda on Saturday as he pressured Republicans in Congress to extend benefits for jobless Americans.
Almost year six of the Obama recovery...
It was a sign Obama may be slowly turning the corner from one of the worst crises of his five years in office, emerging bruised and weakened from the troubled rollout of his signature healthcare law, even as big challenges remain.

He's running out of things to fuck up.

I feel bad for the jobless, he'll probably end up passing a law requiring them to live in the sewers so they don't count against the unemployment figures anymore.

Why doesn't Barry just bypass Congress and pass a bill that if you enjoy leeching off people, you can keep on doing it, forever?