Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Muslims riot on the streets of Pakistan over a page found torn from a Koran

(Quetta) When Sunni Muslim shopkeepers in Pakistan found a page from a Koran inside a box of pomegranates which had originated from Iran, they knew what they had to do. Getting on the old jungle drums, they directed their anger at Shia Muslims who form the majority in neighbouring Iran, and so as it is in the Islamic world, a hostile crowd formed and, once they massed in numbers, they marched en masse to the local Shia neighbourhood in which to show these naughty, naughty people (who had nothing to do with the torn page from a bloody book) that they were going to be taught a lesson. They burnt down shops, vehicles, but were (for once) stopped by the police from going any further. In responce, they fired their guns into the air, killing one and injuring three more.

Jesus, and we allow these bigots free access into our countries?