Wednesday, December 11, 2013

News Flash... Nissen Main Dealer dies... bBC goes into melt down

(London) For those of you who live outside the UK, Nelson Mandela died last Thursday. If, on the other hand, you live in the UK then you will be as pissed off as much as I am at the OTT coverage by the bBC.

They have reported 24/7 for a week on everything about this car salesman. In fact, when this man died, the UK was getting buffeted by something of a storm which resulted in deaths, towns getting evacuated (yes, evacuated). And the bBC? They reported... nothing. Instead, they sent over 100 people from London to South Africa in which to report on 1 death. ITV sent 6.

Anyway, what has the bBC got to say about Nelson Mandela? Well, the list is far too much for me to relate, but here are a few which caught my eye:

The world's 'secular saint'
Taboo-breaking AIDS campaigner
How daughters said goodbye
A strict brother, and a prankster
Mandela by the women who loved him
Master of disguise
Rural rebel
Mandela the soldier
Global legacy
Meeting Mandela
Moment Mandela wore Springbok jersey
Prison guard: He was like a father to me
Nelson Mandela the philanthropist

We in the UK have had a week of this faux fawning. Myself, I turned the TV and radio off and have read 7 books on my Kindle. It really has been that bad. Nice to know your TV tax is getting spent wisely.

The bBC - the traitors within our midst.