Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bangladesh hangs a mass murderer; Liberals up in arms

(Dhaka) In 1947, Great Britain gave independence to its jewel in the crown, India. However, a certain demographic within India wanted their own religious state and so 3 new states were born on independence day: India, West Pakistan and East Pakistan. The latter two were to be homelands for the Muslims of India who for some strange reason didn't want to share their future with the non-Muslims of India.

In 1971, East Pakistan, sick of the way it was being treated by its so called Islamic brothers in West Pakistan, voted for independence. The problem was that West Pakistan wasn't going to allow the people who bankrolled them to simply walk away, and so they sent the troops in. 3 million dead people later, they decided to have a go at India by trying to emulate Israel during the Six-Day War. The problem was, it's one thing to attack the sick, lame and lazy and another to attack a non-Islamic army. 2 weeks later, India had defeated the so called impressive Pakistani army and East Pakistan was free to go its own way and become Bangladesh.

Going back to that high death count, the Pakistani government decided that they would remove all the intellectuals from East Pakistan from this plane of existence, so they went around killing anybody who could read or write.

Well, 40 years on and the Bangladeshi government has decided to make those people who had no problem killing for Allah pay for their crimes against humanity. One such arsehole was Abdul Kader Mullah who was the leader of an Islamic group inside Bangladesh. He was meant to have had his neck strung last week, but as is the way of the Islamic hero, he used the courts in which to extend his life. Unfortunately for this murdering piece of shit, the Bangladeshi government is also Islamic and so they simply strung him up today and hung the twat until he was dead.

And now the left, who remain silent on Iran, China and the rest who execute thousands every year have, complain about how this poor Islamic mass murderer died by the sword (or in this case, the rope).

Is it any wonder why so many people have no time for these myopic human rights groups?