Monday, April 30, 2012

When liberals get it wrong

(Manchester) Have you noticed how when liberals get something wrong, they never apologise? A few years ago, liberal groups protested about how sweat shops in Burma not only paid poorly (when compared to Western earnings) but they even employed children. So they bitched and they moaned and they all patted themselves on the backs when those factories relocated elsewhere (China). The thing is, Burma was left with nothing, and China, which took no notice of Western left-wing socialist dogma, is now a very rich country indeed, with the quality of life of the populace growing by the day. How many ethical latte drinkers do you know who are proud of the fact that they set back democracy in Burma by at least 20 years. The same applies to their ideological heroes, be it dictatorships in Latin America, dictators in the Middle East or even Islamic terrorists. To the left, these people are the real heroes and everything must be done to support their cause. Yet if any country tries to bring these despotic regimes in from the cold then those Western nations are complicit in war crimes, and if there is no evidence then that doesn't matter as they invent lies. You know, such as:
  • We invented the Taliban... err... no, that was Pakistan
  • We armed Saddam... err... no, that would be China, Russia and France
  • We armed Gaddaffi... err... no, that would be Russia and France
Yet when these facts are presented to them, they take not one bit of notice and continue in their hatred of anything non-Islamic.

Which bring me to Moty Cristal, an Israeli expert on crisis management who was invited over to the UK to talk to the National Health Service as part of a workshop on conflict resolution for health trust managers and union officials. However, when the Unions found out he was a Jew, they placed pressure on the NHS to dis-invite him due to his passport. Unison, the public services union, feels it has won an important victory for the right of equality. Yet the Unions have got it all wrong about Moty Cristal. You see, he has no problem with Muslims, which is probably why he has worked in the past with Palestinian groups and human rights organizations, and has lectured on his field on numerous occasions in Britain, including a lecture to the Muslim Council of Britain. Get that - the Muslims in the UK and in the Levant have no problem with Mr Cristal, yet ill-informed white liberals in the UK do, and as such have become what they say they hate the most - racist bigots.