Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flytilla rabble-rousers riot in Brussels and Paris airports over airlines' denial to fly them to Israel

Police officers intervene as around 100 pro-Palestinian activists stage a protest at Brussels national airport in Zaventem early April 15, 2012. Some 1,200 Palestinian supporters throughout Europe have bought plane tickets for an April 15 visit to the West Bank as part of a campaign called "Welcome to Palestine". Organisers said the aim was to help open an international school and a museum, but Israel has denounced the activists as provocateurs and said it would deny entry to anyone who threatened public order. (Reuters Pictures)
(INN) While Ben Gurion Airport has remained relatively calm Sunday despite the declaration of a “flytilla” by anti-Israel activists, large protests have been taking place in airports in Europe, notably in Paris and Brussels. Large groups of leftists who planned to enter Israel and disturb normal operations at Ben Gurion Airport have been banned from flying, and they are making their dissatisfaction known at the airports where they are not being permitted to board planes.

Dozens of anarchists rioted in both Brussels and Paris at being denied boarding passes on flights to Israel. Both British Airways and Lufthansa canceled the reservations of over 400 passengers that Israel said it would not admit. Leftist groups sponsoring the flytilla said they would sue the airlines over the cancellations.