Monday, April 30, 2012

Taiwan goes stealth

(Taipei) We live in a strange world where the liberal world has no problem over how the Islamic world wants to remove Israel from the map, and instead of berating the Arabs for their belligerent attitude towards the Jews, they attack the Jews for defending themselves.

But then that is the way of the left defend those whom they feel are the victims, without looking at the subject at hand. Which brings me to China. Big, huge China which harvests the organs of its prisoners, and the left remain silent. Which executes prisoners and then charges their families for the cost of the bullets used. That China which invaded Tibet in 1950 and still occupies it. That China which clamped down on its own people during the 90s, and that China which bullies the UN in not to recognise Taiwan. Yes, that's right, that small country which supplies more computer parts than any other in the world, does not have a seat at the UN. (In fact, only 23 countries recognise Taiwan, most being small island states which get paid to do so.)

Currently, the Chinese stance on Taiwan is: you belong to us, and if you declare independence, we will invade. Which is why since 1949, China has kept a sizable force off the shore of Taiwan in which to intimidate the smaller nation. Currently, China has thousands of planes, troops and ballistic missiles aimed at Taiwan, and the liberals twitter about everything but.

The recent increase in military hardware (aircraft carriers, landing ships, ballistic missiles and stealth aircraft) is seen by many as the tools to be used by China in annexing Taiwan (like they did Tibet) for the Motherland.

Well, tiny Taiwan is used to the Chinese dragon sitting on its doorstep, and has built up formidable defences against any attack (think Hitler's Atlantic Wall). Oh, don't get me wrong, Taiwan will certainly come off worse, but their aim is simply to make any attack on them too costly for even the Chinese to bear, and their latest endeavour is to build a fleet of small stealth ships carrying up to 8 anti-ship missiles in which to wreak havoc on any Chinese invasion fleet.  Delivery of said fleet is set to begin in 2014.

It appears that it isn't just China which can play the stealth game in the region.