Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Syria: IDF 'apparently' strikes the Iranians yet again for the second time in the same evening.

(Salamiyah) In the second airstrike within hours inside Syria , an Iranian base in the north of the country outside the city of Salamiyah decided to go up spectacularly in smoke this evening. As the strike has been shared across social media, the Syrians have for once decided not to report that their air defence network repulsed the attack.

As stated, this was the second airstrike inside Syria attributed to Israel , earlier on in the evening 2117hrs local time Syrian media reported  a couple of airstrikes on Kababej", near Deir Az Zor, and in the al-Sukhna region resulting in a number of deaths, As the region is close to the Iraqi border, the Iranians have taken to building warehouses and such  for itself and its proxy forces and thus become a huge dartboard for the IDF, who keep on hitting 180