Saturday, June 20, 2020

UK: How the left lies in which to claim that BAME people are dying in droves due to COVID 19

(London)  As you may have noticed these past few months the entire world has fallen under the spell of the COVID 19 virus . The Uk initially comes across as having done badly , bit the fact remains the UK has one of the most effective recording systems in the world  and have including deaths which in other countries haven't even been looked at, never mind recorded. Now I'm not trying to excuse the death toll in the Uk, but using that statement about how in depth the Uk is able to report on the total number of COVID 19 deaths in which expose a huge misinformation tactic being used by the left and political agitators in which to score brownie points over the Government.

Of late you may have heard of a huge social media campaign led by the media regards the so called inordinate amount of  Black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) people who have died due to COVID 19. Here are a few examples from the Media:

The message being promoted is that BAME people are dying unnecessary due to the British Governments incompetence . yet whilst the media is happen to quote stats , they never offer actual figures. Now back to to my initial statement about how good the UK is at collating statistics . The National Health service publishes daily and weekly statistics on the COVID 10  death toll. it can be found here . The excel spreadsheet is broken down into
  • Deaths by ethnicity
  • Deaths by gender
  • Deaths by preexisting condition 
Here is the book for deaths by Ethnicity:
Now lets go back to some of those claims made by pressure groups and the media such as the fact that the BLAME community has been hit harder than the White community by C19. In 2011 the BAME population for the UK was recorded as 11%  and now it is deemed to be around the 18% mark. So looking at the NHS chart above (note it is for England meaning the BAME population will actually be higher due to the less ethnic populations in Northern Ireland (98% white)  Scotland (96% white) and Wales   (93% white)  we find that actually 13% of the total deaths due to C19 are from the BAME population. yet 9 years ago the BAME population stood at 11%, if anything the number of BAME deaths is smaller and not larger than that for the white population.

Then there is this claim that people with a Bangladeshi heritage are dying at twice the rate of white people: 
The Uk Bangladeshi population in 2015 was 600000.  that was 5 years ago, so it could have only have gone up. So with a promotion by the media that Bangladeshi people are dying at twice the rate of white people in the UK want to guess how many have died as of last Thursday in England 

165. yes that rights right One Hundred and sixty five. 

How about Black people who in 2011 accounted for just under 2 million people . The media tells me they are 3 times the risk of white people of dying from C19. So want to guess how many have died from that 2 million population
1037, One thousand and thirty seven. 

There lies the reason why the media quote statics and not actual figures simply in order to denigrate the Government into dancing to its tune.