Thursday, August 23, 2018

What is it with how the West excuses Islamic intolerance.

Have you noticed how the authorities in the west go well out of their way in which to excuse attacks carried out by Muslims in the West. Last week outside Parliament a Sudanese asylum seeker decided to drive into around 15 cyclists and then decided to ram his car into the vehicle barrier outside Parliament.  Whilst he has now been charged with terrorism, the news that was released by the media was he was a good boy who simply wanted to pick up a visa to visit the land he left in fear for his life in which to visit family. Really?

The other-day in Spain a Muslim walked into a Police station and rushed two policemen with a knife whilst uttering 'Allah Ackba', unfortunately for him, they brought guns to his knife-fight and he was shot dead. The excuse, he had mental health problems and he had just come out as gay and couldn't live with it. 

Yesterday in Paris, a man was shot dead by police after he murdered his mother and sister and injured a third person on the street. As in Spain he rushed the Polcie whilst uttering 'Allah ackba' and he was shot dead. Polcie are now saying that eh had mental health problems and it was simply a family dispute. (dispute the fact he attacked a stranger in the street as well as the police)

Across Europe, the Police now issue statements after nearly every Jihadi attack claiming the attacker had mental health problems.

In the Uk, the Police go much further and will make a public statement about fears about attacks on the Islamic community by the far right (Which is actually far less common than attacks by Muslims who represent 3% of the population) 

Lets be honest here, its as if the authorities are trying to hide the fact, that a large section of the Islamic population across Europe are at war with everybody else. Instead of caring more about their human rights, wouldn't it be refreshing if they simply arrested, jailed, deported these people thus allowing everybody else (Including the millions of peaceful Muslims living in the West) to live in peace. But we don't, as the idiots in charge don't want to be seem as...racists.