Thursday, August 9, 2018

Al Jazeera: Plays victim card for ISIS families, who claim to be living in fear in Iraq.

(Baghdad)  ISIS burst onto the worlds stage in 2014, when it captured a huge amount of land from Iraq and Syria. Forming their own caliphate , where a most severe form of Islamic Sharia law was implemented and in order to control the people they had captured they carried out the most evil and brutal forms of murder in which them under control and to make others fear them. However like all evil empires, willing to use terror in which to expand its borders, the locals fought back and today the so called Islamic state empire is no more, as a viable fighting force it is spent with the vast majority of its terrorists dead or incarcerated and the people (who are still alive) in areas which were occupied by ISIS are slowly trying to rebuild their lives.

But to the media, ISIS have become the latest in a long line of victims demanding justice. We saw snippets of this with the faux concern about European school girls who decided to up sticks and bugger off to Syria for a life of Jihad, whilst ISIS was growing and now they have been captured by the locals in the area, all we hear from the do-gooders is these poor children (and their own children) should be brought back in which to return to a normal way of life. 
We saw this with how the left (and the media) opined about how Jihadi terrorists were taken out by airstrikes , and that not only did this infringe their human rights, but they should have been captured and brought to trial.
We saw that with how the left are crying out about how the de facto ISIS capital 'Raqqa' was bombed , claiming that we should have simply arrested these religious bigots willing to die for allah, which funny enough many did, taking a lot of people with them.
Currently we are seeing the left demanding that captured ISIS terrorists not be sent to the US, as they could be sentenced to death and they (unlike their many victims) have human rights.
And now to cap all of the above Al Jazeera had knocked out a report about how captured ISIS families (with the females unrepentant about belong to ISIS) fear for their lives living in Iraq. Oh dear whatever should we do about these intolerant  people  who unlike the vast majority of their victims are not only alive, but they are living it large with all the mod cons of the world they detested so much. What is it about the left , the do-gooders and the plain stupid in shedding faux tears for the most evil people to have walked the planet these past 5 years. Here's the video, you may require a sickbag.