Friday, August 24, 2018

Germany: 17 year old Syrian asylum seeker tells court he is justified by Islam to stab women to death

(Hanover)  A court case in Germany has shocked the nation after Abdullah Aa 17 year old Syrian asylum seeker who has resided in Germany since 2013 confessed to a knife attack on a 24-year-old German woman,  by insisting his violent act was justified by Islam.

 “In my culture, you may kill,”
In March of this year, an argument occurred between a group of Syrians and 2 German lads inside a supermarket., when a 24 year old women intervened, she was stabbed by Abdullah resulting in him breaking her ribs and injuring her liver, stomach, kidney and intestines. she was placed in an induced coma to save her life. In court his brief stated:
"The accused knows from his culture that conflicts with the knife are carried out. He describes the regional customs as follows: If one insults, one may stab. In severe cases, one may kill the person. "And:" He states that his behavior was not objectionable to the religious requirements and does not understand why he must be detained. "
 Abdullah who sees himself as a model refugee will be sentence on September the 11th.