Wednesday, November 1, 2017

US: Pick-up driven into people, 5 killed.

(New York) In yet another Muslim inspired terrorist attack 29-year-old Uzbekistani Sayfullo Saipov.

Sayfullo Saipov,
Decided that murder on the streets of the country which had taken him and given him a new much better life was far better than living in peace as the defenders of his religion keep telling me . So he drove his pickup down a cycleway in New York killing 8 people and injuring another 11 more. But what has struck me, is how the left are reporting this. In the UK the BBC until this morning made no mention of this mans religious affiliation and instead of reporting this bastard shouted out 'Allah Ackba'  stated this:
The driver emerged holding what appeared to be two handguns and made a statement "consistent with a terror attack"
Another BBC reporter has tweeted this:

# Vehicle attack? Gee could the BBC hand out a list of vehicles which I should stay away from? Got to love how the lovies in the UK continue to refuse to accept the truth about Islam after each new terrorist attack carried out in the West . In fact here's a silly twat  allowed to spread her message of poor little misunderstood ISIS terrorists on the BBC just this past Sunday: