Friday, February 19, 2016

US Deploys Tanks And Artillery To Classified Norwegian Caves

WATCH: (Scroll Down For Video) The United States has deployed tanks and artillery equipment to classified Cold War-era caves in Norway.

The move is an attempt to increase NATO’s defences in Europe and have weaponry ready to use.

Col. William Bentley reported to CNN: ‘Any gear that is forward-deployed both reduces cost and speeds up our ability to support operations in crisis, so we’re able to fall in on gear that is ready-to-go and respond to whatever that crisis may be.’

Russia shares a 121 mile long border with Norway.

The cave system is still regarded as highly classified.

The caves were first used by the United States as storage for weaponry in 1981.

The caves are climate controlled and are currently operated by over 100 US and Norwegian personnel.

It is estimated that the caves currently contain enough equipment to support over 15,000 troops.

A drill is scheduled to take place later in February, called Cold War Response, where over 6,500 pieces of equipment will be deployed.

12 NATO allies and over 16,000 troops will be involved in the exercise.

The deployment comes after the Pentagon confirmed a $3.4billion budget to deter Russia.