Saturday, February 6, 2016

10-year-old boy raped in Austria by Iraqi asylum seeker

(Wien) News is emerging about how the Austrian police are only now releasing the story over how a 20-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker raped a 10- year-old child last December because, I quote,
it was a “sexual emergency”.
Yup, it appears that after 4 months without sex, Achmed the Arab decided to bugger a 10-year-old child because he needed to empty his sack. After raping the child, instead of running away, he continued to enjoy himself at the swimming pool, apparently presuming he was safe from the law, as he is:
  1. A Muslim
  2. An asylum seeker
When arrested by the police, he admitted that he knew he had made “a huge mistake” and that he had left a “big scar on the boy”. But he said he had “followed his desires,” adding: “I haven’t had sex for four months.”

Kind of explains why many Austrian swimming pools started banning immigrants, that is until the do-gooders protested. What is even more disturbing is the Austrian police have only just now released this story.