Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hamas parades captured Israeli tank. However...

(Gaza) The democratically elected, peaceful government of Gaza yesterday held a memorial service for the 7 peaceful members of their tunnelling branch who died the other day whilst digging for Allah in the direction of nasty, evil Israel (which, funny enough, is where they all want to be treated when ill). Anyway, during their service they paraded to the whole world a nasty, evil Israeli tank which they claimed to have rebuilt from the parts of IDF tanks they have destroyed. Which is funny, as they have destroyed... none. Anyway watch the glorious video of the "IDF tank" now in Hamas service?

The thing is, this so called IDF tank now commandeered by Hamas runs not on its tracks but rather on a set of wheels belonging to the vehicle which has been hidden inside it.

Who would have guessed that the IDF have been lying to us all these years?