Friday, October 16, 2015

UN Official Mourns Palestinian 'Shaheeds' on Facebook

Mounir Kleibo
(Clarion Project) A U.N. official who was badly injured in a rock-throwing attack by Palestinian terrorists has refused to condemn the attack, instead wondering what is the benefit of throwing rocks at cars at night time.

Head of the U.N. Bureau of the International Labor Organization in the Palestinian Territories Mounir Kleibo is reported highly supportive of the Palestinians on his Facebook page, despite being a senior U.N. official.

On his Facebook profile picture he had written “We mourn not only our shahids but also ourselves, our eyes, our hearts, our consciousness and our humanity.”

Islamists believe that those who die in perpetrating terrorist attacks attain the status of martyrdom and will go to paradise.

His cover photo was a picture of the Dome of the Rock, posted alongside a poem about Jerusalem.

Both the cover photo and the profile picture have since been changed.

An Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson told Hebrew media outlet NRG it was “regrettable that the U.N. did not explicitly condemn all Palestinian stone throwers, who hurt, among others, a senior U.N. official. One can be even sorrier that the same official, a victim of Palestinian violence, continues praising it on his Facebook page.”

Islamist rhetoric has pervaded the recent outbreak of Palestinian terrorism in Israel, fueled by false rumors that Israel intends to change the status quo on the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount under which non-Muslims are forbidden from praying, but may visit at set times.

Islamists believe in a supremacist doctrine which holds only Muslims can be allowed to access and pray at the site, despite the fact that it also holy to Jews and Christians.