Sunday, October 18, 2015

Islamic invasion of Europe: Fifth column (October 18, 2015)

(Londonstan) With death and destruction across the Islamic world (Syria/Egypt/Yemen/Iraq/Turkey/Nigeria, etc.), you'd think that those Muslims who have resettled in the West would be doing their best in which to leave behind the ugliness and hatred that forced them to relocate from their home countries, and if they were to take to the streets of London in which to protest about anything they would be protesting about the lack of human rights in the Islamic world.

But no, it appears that British Muslims are much more inflamed about how Jews living in Israel are fighting back against those brainwashed religious bigots who are currently on a murderous killing spree.

Which is why a bunch of fat women dressed as ninjas and their male chaperons descended on the centre of London and decided to close all traffic to everybody simply because a rumour (yes, a rumour) is doing the round among Muslims that Israel is going to allow Jews to officially pray at Temple Mount and also get rid of the Muslim Waqf which administers the area.

Anyway, to the fat cows who blocked Oxford street yesterday, thanks a lot arseholes. When do you intend to do likewise against ISIS/Assad/the Taliban/Boko Haram and the rest, seeing as they all have more Islamic blood on their hands than the Jews?

The thing that I cannot understand is how all these so called politically aware people throw common-sense, facts and logic out of the window when it comes to Israel. This was perfectly illustrated by a press briefing by Israel PM Netanyahu when he was asked by the bBC if he was prepared to return to the negotiating table, in which to curb the violence. Listen to his put down - priceless:

Muslim spokesman for the UN refugee agency berates Hungary for slowing down the pace of Muslim invasion
A spokesman for the United Nations refugee agency is warning Hungary's decision to close its border for migrants has increased their suffering and could lead to a backlog down the route.

Babar Baloch, regional spokesman for Central Europe for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, says the new migrant route through Slovenia has significantly prolonged their already weeks-long journey toward Western Europe.

Baloch says some 4,000 migrants have arrived in Slovenia since Hungary shut down the border on midnight Friday. Thousands more were stranded Sunday in Croatia and Serbia, waiting to move on.

Baloch warns "there will be challenges if the process becomes slow or we have a backlog of people."

Germany offers money and concessions to Turkey in exchange for stemming the Muslim invasion of Europe
German Chancellor Angela Merkel is meeting Turkish leaders to promote an EU plan that would offer aid and concessions to Turkey in exchange for measures to stem the mass movement of migrants into Europe.

Merkel arrived in Istanbul on Sunday as thousands of new arrivals a day are stretching Germany's capacity to house refugees and other migrants.

Officials said the incentives offered to Turkey would involve an aid package of at least 3 billion euros ($3.4 billion) to help Turkey host the more than 2 million refugees that are in the country, as well as easier access to EU visas for Turkish citizens and re-energized EU membership talks.

The head of German Police Union favors building a border fence to stop the Muslim invasion
The head of a union representing German police says he favors building a fence on the country's border, something that Chancellor Angela Merkel has said repeatedly wouldn't work.

Rainer Wendt, head of the German Police Union, was quoted Sunday as telling the Welt am Sonntag newspaper that "if we want to conduct serious border controls, we must build a fence along the German border. I am in favor of our doing this."

Wendt argued that if Germany closed its border with a fence, Austria would close its border with Slovenia and said "we need precisely this effect."

Merkel's government faces increasing pressure to limit the influx of migrants as Germany struggles to house newcomers. Wendt argued that "someone must pull the emergency brake now — that can only be Angela Merkel."

Church of England bishops urge the British government to allow in 50,000 Syrians
Bishops from the Church of England are urging the government to accept more Syrian refugees, arguing that Britain's response to the crisis has been inadequate.

More than 80 bishops have written to Prime Minister David Cameron calling for the country to accept as many as 50,000 refugees — 30,000 more than already pledged.

The situation on the Serbia-Croatia border crossing crowded by Muslim migrants compared to "dam on the river"
A Czech aid volunteer says some 2,000 migrants waiting to cross from Serbia to Croatia are exhausted and lacking supplies.

Jan Pinos, from a Czech volunteer group helping migrants, has compared the crowded border crossing between the two Balkan countries to a "dam on the river."

Thousands were stranded in Serbia and Croatia Sunday after Hungary closed its border with Croatia pushing the flow to a much slower route via Slovenia.

Pinos says "the new system ... the new flow of the river of refugees through Slovenia does not work yet." He adds "the capacity of this new journey is not enough."

The youth wing of Merkel's conservative bloc is calling for a limit on the number of asylum seekers Germany can take in
The youth wing of Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative bloc is calling for a limit on the number of asylum seekers Germany can take in — contradicting the line taken by party leaders.

Merkel faces increasing pressure to limit the influx of thousands of refugees a day to Germany, but has argued that it makes no sense to declare any fixed limit and that border fences wouldn't keep refugees out. She says the key to solving the crisis is tackling the causes of the flow of migrants.

That isn't popular with all her supporters. The conservatives' youth bloc, the Young Union, called at a conference Sunday for an upper limit for asylum seekers which chairman Paul Ziemiak said should be set in consultation with groups providing help to refugees.