Saturday, October 10, 2015

Islamic invasion of Europe update (October 10, 2015)

Germany, EU deny report on European solidarity tax to cover the costs of massive Muslim influx
BERLIN/BRUSSELS/LIMA (Reuters) - German and EU officials on Saturday denied a media report that Berlin and Brussels were in informal talks about a type of European solidarity tax to help cover the costs of stemming a record-breaking influx of asylum seekers.

Picky "refugees"
European Union officials say that Greece's first migrant processing center will open over the next 10 days, allowing migrants and refugees to be flown to other EU countries — mostly of their preference — and have their asylum applications processed there.

Holland isn't that welcoming to Muslim migrants
Dutch police say they arrested 11 people for trying to break into an asylum seekers center.

Police said Saturday that some 20 people broke down barriers late Friday night and threw fireworks and eggs at the temporary accommodation for some 150 asylum seekers in a sports hall in the central Dutch town of Woerden.

Those arrested were all Dutch men aged between 19-30 years. Police say in a statement that the men are being held on suspicion of public violence.

Thousands of migrants are arriving in the Netherlands each week. Many Dutch people welcome them with open arms, but there have also been protests in towns and villages against the arrival of asylum seeker centers to house the new arrivals.
And who could blame them?