Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The bBC interviews the brother of a terrorist who claims the reason his brother was jailed for murder was due to... "Islamophobia"

(London) Last year, an off duty British Soldier (Fusilier Lee Rigby) was mowed down by a car driven by 2 Islamic extremists, and while he lay injured in the street, they proceeded to murder him. The two killers then waited until the police arrived, and in an attempt to become martyrs to their warped cause, attacked the armed police. Lucky for them, the police only shot to wound.

During their trial, these two village idiots tried to play the "Soldier for Allah" card and when sentenced kicked off. All of this was simply a platform for them to terrorise the British public into submitting themselves to the will of Allah and not to cross and offend Muslims in the UK or else.

Well, today on bBC radio, they interviewed Jeremiah Adebolajo, the brother of one of the murderers, and he was allowed to spout his vile propaganda message that his brother was a victim, that the reason he was jailed was due to Islamophobia and that if the West weren't in Islamic countries we (the public) would have nothing to fear.

The bBC not only allowed this man (who is also an Islamic convert) to spread his message of hate, they allowed him to play the victim card for a terrorist apologist. That, people, is what the so called world renowned bBC has become - the mouthpiece for Islamic terrorism.

If you wish to listen to the full version, listen here and go to 1 hour 6 mins. The abridged version can be found above at the start.

If you want to see how ugly Jeremiah Adebolajo is, here is his Twitter page.

If you wish to write a letter of complaint to the bBC, follow this link.

The bBC, the traitors within our midst.