Monday, March 31, 2014

London council to face Government inspection over Islamic gerrymandering

(London) The London borough of Tower Hamlets has one of the highest immigrant populations in the UK, only 45 % is white, with at least 41% of the remainder being Islamic. That is one of the reasons why in 2010 during the election of a new mayor Bangladeshi Lutfur Rahman was voted in. At the time many rumours of impropriety regards his electoral win  were rife These included postal vote rigging , improper use of council funds , the violent promotion of Islam in the borough and the overt use of racism/bigotry (Muslim on white/gay/female)  and all the while all the Mayor can utter in response is...Islamophobia and racism. Well a bBC investigation into the council has found that the Islamic mayor has been using Council funds in which to ensure he is voted in again. and yet again the Islamic quasi-warlord Rahman is found to play the victim-card.

What is about Muslims and their inability to be honest.