Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Obama does it again.

(Washington)  Not content with reducing the capability of the US to take action against those who wish it harm. The Commander in Chief has reduced that capability yet again by closing down the two most successful missiles the US has in its inventory.

The Tomahawk missile is one of the most lethal missiles in the world, with a range from 700 to 1300 miles it has been used countless times by the US and its allies in which to attack those who feel they are safe from the long arm of Uncle Sam, Well no more, because as of 2015, the US is going to stop buying them.

The Hellfire missile designed initially to take out Russian tanks on the plains of Europe has since the demise of the Cold war, found new life in taking out Allah's favourite terrorists. Well no more as its getting canned as well.

The thing is while programs do exist that will replace both these two missile systems, Joint Air-to-Ground Missile  in lieu of the Hellfire  and Cruise Missile Extreme Range (XR) for the Tomahawk they are still in the development stage and as such, that means that it will years before the troops get to field them.

Gee you've got to love how Obama has emasculated the US and to think that people said Carter was the biggest threat the US ever faced.