Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Islamic terrorists inside Nigeria attack school and butcher 40 children while they sleep

(Yobe State) For reason known only to themselves, Nigerian terrorist outfit Boko Haram, which carries out acts of terrorism predominately in the northern Islamic half of Nigeria, in order to force the government to resign and allow them to run Nigeria under Sharia law (which is strange, as the northern half of Nigeria is already run under Sharia law), decided to attack a school of minors (11-18 year-old), setting ablaze a locked hostel and then shooting and slitting the throats of those who escaped through windows.

Of course the reason behind this is simply to big up their image (in which to win concessions in the future), and they do this by terrorising the locals (in this case Muslims), but for some strange reason, the liberals of this world frown on using the term terrorists, as they claim it is a loaded word and only inflames the situation. Instead, they prefer to use the term militants in which to try and disguise the ugliness which prevails through the ranks of the followers of Allah.

Makes you wonder how these left-wing wankers sleep at night.