Tuesday, February 25, 2014

British Labour party up in arms over links to pedophile group

(London) The shit has quite literally hit the fan in the UK over revelations that the deputy leader of the Labour party of the Socialist "do as I say or I will send you away for re-education in which to enlighten you" bunch of pricks (you know, those wankers who see me as coloured and not British) who, as a young lady during the 1970s, belonged to a civil liberties group which did a lot of work in which to bring in from the cold that odious bunch of people known as paedophiles who decided to call their little group of kiddie fiddlers the Paedophile Information Exchange or PIE for short.

I'm sorry, but how stupid must you have to be in which to not understand the connotations of the acronym PIE when it comes to underage sex with children?

Well, the Labour deputy leader has at last spoken out, and instead of expressing contrition, she blames the newspaper which exposed her for the cow she is, as being on a witch hunt.

Really, Harriet Harman? If so, could you please explain this piece you penned in the NCCL’s response to a bill that aimed to ban indecent images of under-16s:
She stated absurdly that pornographic photographs or films of children should not be considered indecent unless it could be shown the subject had suffered, claiming that the new law could lead to ‘damaging and absurd prosecutions’ and ‘increase censorship’.
Yeah, the same MP who, when in power in 2009, proposed a rule change to exempt MPs' expenses from the Freedom of Information Act. Her parliamentary order aimed to remove "most expenditure information held by either House of Parliament from the scope of the Freedom of Information Act". It meant that, under the law, journalists and members of the public would no longer be entitled to learn details of their MP's expenses. Labour MPs were to be pressured to vote for this measure by use of a three line whip. Wanted to whitewash how paedophiles gained access to our young?

Yeah, typical left-wing arsehole (well, that is what paedophiles enjoy) trying to promote the view that "2 legs bad, 4 legs good", while walking on her hind trotters. What is it about communist wannabes who feel they have the right to demand we do as they say and not as they do?