Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Asylum seeker jailed in Australia for sexually assulting a blind woman.

(Sydney) 26 year old Rubel Sheikh,made his way halfway around the world from Bangladesh to Australia by boat after he claimed his life was at risk. Anyway Rubel must have thought all his 'Ramadans ' must have come at once, when he spotted a 23 year old blind women walking the streets , so he followed her and when she jumped on a train, he made his move in which to introduce himself 'Muslim' style. He touched her breast twice, told her she was "sexy" and repeatedly asked for a "goodbye kiss"
What was even worse is how his  defence lawyer tried to defend his actions as only a arsehole can:

"Jonathan Cohen argued the victim had proved to be "no shrinking violet" by telling Sheikh to leave her alone and wasn't violently threatened."The stalking was for ... the purpose of legitimately making a pass at her," he said."The fact that it went horribly amiss is another issue."
He'd become isolated, lonely and depressed after making the journey, and had been "overwhelmed" when he assaulted the young woman. 
Thankfully the judge was having none of this and jailed this poor frightened little man for 20 months. I'm pretty sure that Rubel will find out what its like to be really frightened when he goes for his daily shower. Don't drop the soap arsehole.