Saturday, October 5, 2013

Why can't the Left and the Islamic world see the wood for the trees.

(London) The west has a problem with accepting the fact that Islam isn't exactly the religion of peace that the political elites keep trying to force down our necks. In the UK, somewhat perversely after each and every Islamic related incident (Rape,Oppression,Murder,Terrorism) We are fed a diet of relgious piety which forbids bad thoughts never mind Murder and that actually Muslims fear a backlash. Which for some strange reason never transpires.

And so it is with the treatment of Islamic terrorists, according to the media, they can only be innocent and that actually the reason they were arrested in darkest Whatever-stan totting a machine gun while uttering 'Allah ackba' is becasue he had a drug habit, was looking to buy gold,looking for a wife or even a computer course. (Err the Taliban at the time were killing druggies, forbade the wearing of gold (its in the Koran) ensured all women were covered up and banned Computers and the internet)

And so it is with Mahdi Hashi a Somali refugee who while seeking asylum in the Uk becasue he and his family were at risk, had no problem returning in which to look after his granny, well so the bBC and his supports say. However the British Government were having none of this and after telling him not to go to Somalia revoked his British passport.  As he is a Muslim he can only be perceived by the left as a victim and so the reasons why he buggered off to the motherland was simply down to him getting away from the harassment he was receiving at the hands of the British Security service who apparently wanted him to spy for them. His family while professing his innocence admitted they hadn't heard off of him for years and then came the news he had been arrested and jailed inside Djibouti. They demanded the British offer consular services to this stateless man and give him back his British passport.

But the story gets even better, he next turned up in America in chains awaiting trail for Terrorism. Oh how the left went into apoplectic shock at this news. Screaming  'Rendition, set-up and even Islamaphobia' they claimed that the British conspired with the nasty Americans in which to punish this poor innocent man and now the story takes a turn for the worse for the supporters and defenders of Islamic terrorism. It has been reported today that  Mahdi Hashi has been directly linked to being behind the Kenyan shopping centre attack maybe not by been actually there, but in helping setting it up. Oh dear I wonder why the bBC have removed all direct links on their bBC news web page to this man. Don't believe me type in Madhi Hashi into their search engine all you get is this: