Saturday, October 5, 2013

Top Gun for real in the Persian Gulf?

(Persian Gulf) In the film 'Top Gun' Tom Cruise  positions his F14 Tomcat (nice plane) over the latest Russian jet Fighter (in real life a Northrop F5) in which to be able to bed Kelly McGillis . Which is a Mission Impossible for Mr Cruise to have accomplished as Miss McGillis prefers the company of women to men.

Anyway while we all laughed at the film clip of somebody throwing a huge F14 around like a training aircraft, (But then I've seen a US female pilot throwing a  B1 around at an Airshow) it seems that fact can imitate fiction.

In March, news came out that a US MQ-1 Predator Drone was intercepted by Iranian Jets out in international water. The US at the time downplayed the incident and just reported that the two Iranian F4 Phantom jets had been warned off. Well it has now come out in the wash that the Iranians got more than they bargained for , when they found to their shock and horror that a F22 Raptor had sneaked up behind them checked out their weapons load from underneath and then proceeded to pull up on their port side (left) and uttered words to the effect:

 "You really ought to go home”

It was then, that the Iranian pilots decided that now would be a good time to see the family .It is not known if they 'uttered 'Allah Ackba' at the sight of the F22 on their port side or if they received a laundry bill on their return for the cleaning of their flight suits, which fro some strange reason are...brown.

Got to love the US Air-force.