Sunday, October 6, 2013

How the left have succeeded in stifling humour in the Uk

(London) The left for years campaigned (Quite rightly) to ensure that everybody was equal. Blacks, Gays, Different faiths, disabled etc..and then they lost the plot. So now we have Black,Gay,faith and disabled representation pressure groups who if the reverse was to transpire White,Straight,Christian and healthy they would be deemed as intolerant racist bigoted groups. Apparently what is good for the gander (the former grouping above) isn't applicable (or good enough) for the latter grouping.

Hate speech from Islamic radicals is acceptable because it was spoken in Arabic and thus gained a sinister nefarious edge due to translation and that when the foaming at the mouth Mullah screams "Kill all the Jews" he is actually saying help our Brother Jews because they are of the book.

Gay groups in the Uk (but predominately male) are still fighting for the right to have sexual intercourse legalised down to 14 years of age. Yet what nobody has bothered to mention is; The habit of older gay men is to have much younger lovers.

And the same goes with hate speech , It has come out in the wash that Alan Sugar a British billionaire tweeted a picture of a young Chinese boy wearing a melon suit and added the words "The kid in the middle is upset because he was told off for leaving the production line of the iPhone 5 "

Well guess what, somebody was offended and instead of seeing it for the joke it is. Reported it to the Police in Liverpool, who recorded it as a hate crime and have asked Mr Sugar to explain himself. 

And that's the problem in the UK today, common sense has simply gone out of the window. The police are not only wasting time in following up this obvious racist hate crime (NOT), but it shows just how far the left have ruined the UK with their so called continued march for equality for all. On that note can anybody point me in the direction of a British racist news story where the culprit is black,gay, Muslim or a cripple. Nah they can only be victims according to the left, yet elements of these groups because of the so called aegis provided by the left, feel they can find fault in anything they come across, which entitles them to being some of the most racist bigoted people out there.