Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Chinese Dragon roars, liberals remain silent

(East China Sea) On the 1st of January of this year, China declared that the vast majority of the China sea belonged to it. Which meant that countries which are thousands of miles away from China no longer own the sea 13 miles from their shores. Here's a map of what China says is actually Chinese territory.

Looking at the above map, you can see that actually China is talking out of its arse and kind of explains why all the little nations, which China is saying are now its vassals, have been stocking up with weapons and getting into bed with the US.

Little Vietnam has signed a deal with Russia to purchase the latest Sukhoi Su-30 on top of its fleet of Su-27, it has also purchased 6 improved Kilo class submarines, and to be able to produce the P-800 Oniks anti-ship missile. (The missile is one of the fastest missiles on the planet with a speed of Mach 2.5.) Vietnam has realised that it won't win any protracted fight with its much bigger (and powerful) neighbour. But it has made sure that if the war comes, China is going to get a bloody nose (like it did in 1978).

The rest are all arming, even Japan increased its defence spending last month. Which brings me to the reasons for that increase. You see, China is claiming that islands which belong to Japan, and which have always belonged to Japan, actually belong to them and that they will use force in which to get their way. Which is why China has been sending military planes into the area in which to bully Japan into submission, and today news has come out that a Chinese warship painted a Japanese coastguard ship with its fire control radar.

Funny thing is, if this belligerent behaviour was coming from the US/UK or even Israel, the ethical latte drinkers out there would be burning the respective flags of those countries and screaming green jihad. But when it's China (you know, that China which invaded and occupied Tibet in 1950 and still occupies it), then they remain silent.

Funny that?