Sunday, February 17, 2013

Oh, those nasty Jews Egyptians

(Gaza) It seems that Allah's favourite terrorists in the Levant aren't happy with the Pharaohs of Egypt over how they have closed down the vast majority of smuggling tunnels dug into Egypt from Gaza by flooding them with water. As they are dug through sand, they end up collapsing. Out of 1,200 tunnels in operation in 2010 only around 270 remain open, but I'm sure that they will be targeted very soon. Hamas informed the world that actually this was the work of the Jews:
Hamas released a statement on Saturday condemning Egypt’s closure of tunnels with Gaza, saying this renews Israel’s blockade on the strip.
Meanwhile in Israel, they allow into Gaza 320 trucks of food stuffs, building materials and luxury goods on a daily basis and allow Gaza to export food stuff out.