Friday, June 29, 2012

Why do Muslims riot?

(India) On Monday last, fire engulfed and destroyed a 200-year-old Islamic shrine in Srinagar city, Kashmir. The building was old, made of wood, and so all that remains is ash. Well, instead of helping the fire brigade fight the fire, the local Islamic population rioted and actually attacked the fire brigade (including gutting one fire engine) as they deemed that the fire brigade took their time in getting to the fire.

Five days later and the Muslims are still playing the victim card, they are on a fifth day of strike. (From what? Claiming benefits, murdering innocents, uttering "Allah Ackba" and going bang?)

What is it about Muslims who have no problem protesting about the most trivial subject, yet remain silent over the daily incidents of murder and destruction carried out in their name?

Religion of peace my arse.