Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Hampshire town asks Obama campaign to pay for costs of upcoming visit

DURHAM, NH (Fox News) – A New Hampshire town is asking the Obama campaign to foot the up to $30,000 bill for the president's upcoming campaign stop in their city.

MyFoxBoston reports the town of Durham is asking Obama's campaign to reimburse the estimated $20,000 to $30,000 needed to fund additional police and fire safety services during his Monday visit to the University of New Hampshire.

"Community leaders do not believe that costs associated with the campaign should be borne by local taxpayers," the release says according to MyFoxBoston.

City officials say they usually would foot the bill for a presidential visit, but since this is a campaign stop they believe the Obama campaign should have to pay for the extra security.

No agreement between the Obama for America campaign and the Town of Durham had been reached on the issue as of Friday, but city officials say they are hopeful the matter will be resolved before the end of the weekend.