Friday, June 15, 2012

How the bBC has become the apologist for Islam in the UK

(London) Whenever somebody looks funny at a Muslim in the UK, the bBC will air a story opining about how racism against non-whites is entrenched in the UK.

Be it a Muslim who abandoned his car 50 metres from Westminster cathedral to go sightseeing (rather than wait for the breakdown truck) and returned to find his car had been broken into by the police.
"The police's actions were extremely arrogant and unprofessional, they treated me like a terrorist. They were never interested in listening to my real story."
The Muslim women kicked off a bus in London
Two Muslim women have claimed they were refused a bus ride because one had her face covered by a veil.
How somebody puling down a woman's face covering is a racist act (which it is).
Ian Brazier admits pulling niqab veil from Muslim woman
Time and time again, the bBC will report on any negativity expressed towards Muslims as a racist hate crime. But for all their rush to promote Islam as only a victim, the bBC refuse to extend that courtesy for screaming Allah Akba racism when the guilty party is a Muslim.

When Scottish school boy Kriss Donald was kidnapped in board daylight, thrown in the boot of a car, driven over 200 miles, beaten up, stabbed and set on fire, the bBC refused to call it a racist hate crime even when it came out that the main reason he was attacked by a bunch of Islamic thugs was due to his skin colour.

When 15-year-old Henry Webster was attacked by 7 Islamic men armed with hammers inside a school, the bBC refused to refer to it as a racist hate crime.

When gangs of Islamic men are found guilty in the UK of targeting white girls under the age of 15 for sex, the bBC refuses to refer to them not only as paedophiles but also as racists.

And so it is with how the bBC reports on the sad tale of 29-year-old Serioza Lawskoski who was dragged out of a private party by a gang of Muslims who had broken into the party and murdered Serioza in broad daylight. Racist hate crime? Not to the bBC. I quote the headline to their whitewash of events:
Man killed in Derby with hammer 'was in wrong place'
What is is about the bBC which prevents them from reporting the news about racist hate crimes carried out by Muslims?

Oh, and that story about the two so called Muslims kicked off a bus. Here is what the bBC doesn't tell you about the story:
A bus driver accused by two students of banning them because of their Islamic dress has been cleared after CCTV showed he had actually barred them for their abusive behaviour. The 22-year-olds, Yasmin and Atoofa, from Slough, told the BBC that they had been refused access to the bus at Russell Square because of their dress. Yasmin was wearing a hijab and her face was uncovered while Atoofa was wearing a niqab, which covers the face.

But the Standard has learned that the students, who asked for their full names not to be revealed, were denied entry "due to abusive behaviour towards bus driver and other passengers". 

On-board CCTV of the incident, on Monday last week, showed the women banging on the front doors and attempting to board the bus when it had come to the end of its run. They then get on through the rear doors and begin arguing with the driver. They get off and wait for the bus to start its journey back to Paddington - but another exchange follows, and the driver refuses to set off unless they disembark.
The bBC, the traitors in our midst.