Monday, January 30, 2012

Pro-Palestinian hackers apologize for bringing down Haaretz, a "good newspaper", get laughed at

@haaretzprint we are sorry , we didn't know that haaretz is a good newspaper,we sorry about this , and be sure no one will attack u again .Wed Jan 25 23:33:59 via web

.@anonps takes down the website of the one israeli newspaper actually sympathetic to palestinians Jan 25 17:10:55 via Twitter for Mac

maybe next @anonps will take down the websites of israel-based palestinian solidarity organizations. that'll teach those damn zionists!Wed Jan 25 17:14:25 via Twitter for Mac

.@AnonPS attacking of Haaretz (a left-wing paper in Israel) proves that they're just as stupid as they are evil when they attack hospitals!Wed Jan 25 19:22:04 via Twitter for Mac

Obviously not a lot of intelligent people over at @AnonPS. Reminds me of stupid Palestinian terrorists who blow themselves up making bombs!Wed Jan 25 19:26:21 via Twitter for Mac

So @AnonPS apologized to @haaretzonline for their DDoS attack reinforcing the belief in some Israelis that @haaretzonline is the enemy :(Fri Jan 27 10:16:49 via Tweetbot for iPhone