Monday, January 30, 2012

9-year-old Muslim girls forced to get wed in the UK

(London) A leading Islamic human rights group (the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation) has revealed how 30 forced marriages took place in the London borough of Islington  in 2010, involving at least three 11-year-old and two 9-year-old girls.

This coincides with how the Ministry of Justice revealed details of over 30 applications for Forced Marriage Protection Orders in 2011, of which “five or fewer” were made to protect children aged 9 to 11.

Dianna Nammi, director of IKWRO, said:
“They are still attending schools in Islington, struggling to do their primary school homework, and at the same time being practically raped by a middle-aged man regularly and being abused by their families. So they are a wife, but in a primary school uniform.

The reason it doesn't get out is because they are too terrified to speak out, and also the control their families have over them is impossible to imagine if you're not going through it. The way it is covered up is so precise, almost unspeakable.”

The girls are married off to family friends or family members to stop them from losing their virginity to anyone not chosen by their father.
That, people, is but one borough in London, there are 32 in total, which theoretically means there are over 900 forced marriages a year in London alone.

I wonder why nobody from the so called social services is making a huge song and dance about this child abuse?