Sunday, January 29, 2012

11 Boko Haram gunmen killed in shoot-out with Nigerian army

(Nigeria) In the lawless northern half of Nigeria 'Boko Haram' who, having lost the income of extortion that the previous governor of Kano state used to pay them, have set about terrorising the new governor (and a few others) to fund their religious minded inquisition, which is why in the past month over 1000 people have been murdered to the utterance of 'Allah Ackba'.

The Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan has called for open dialogue with the group to end the fighting but in reply Allah's favourite murderers in Nigeria have stipulated that they won't stop killing until they rule all the country and have installed 'Sharia law' on the southern Christian states.

Well, with the declaration of religious war, what else can you do but send in the troops in which to hunt down and eradicate those who justify murder based primarily on the religious affiliation of the person you want to murder?

Well, at a road block in the north-eastern city of Maiduguri, armed Boko Haram found themselves being asked to explain why they were armed for jihad, and in the shootout that followed, 11 holy warriors got their wish in which to descend to hell and become gay virgins for their unholy cause.