Sunday, June 9, 2024

Russia: Ukraine takes out Russian stealth fighter

(Akhtubinsk) Ukraine carried out a long distance drone strike on a major Russian Air base 589 km from the Ukrainian border 

where Russia’s latest Su-57 fighter jets are based. 

They are part of the 929th State Flight Test Centre of the Russian Defence Ministry, which tests new aircraft systems, onboard radars, and weapons. According to published annual photographs of the airfield, aircraft with number 053 and aircraft with number 510 were based there, and the latter is used as a flying laboratory where Russia has for the past few years been testing the Su 57 with different weapon systems

Anyway yesterday, Kyiv struck the runway and damaged at least one Su 57 (acknowledged by Moscow) and it appears that a second may have been taken out as well. 

Say what you want about this war, but one thing is becoming very clear, for Moscow, this has become a very expensive affair.