Sunday, January 11, 2015

Where is Obama?

(GretaWire) Besides the fact that this is wrong, this is embarrassing to the American people – President Obama should not have snubbed the events in Paris today – 40+ other world leaders showed up!

40 world leaders go and President Obama snubs it? huh?

40 world leaders are taking part in a unity March in Paris today but our President is not going. Leaders from Britain (Prime Minister David Cameron), Germany (Chancellor Angela Merkel), Turkey, Jordan, Israel (PM Netanyahu), etc.

Sure A/G Eric Holder (who has resigned is a lame duck now) is going but he is not the President. He didn’t even bother to send the Vice President!

And, as I recall, it was French President Jacque Chirac who was the first foreign Head of State to show up at the White House after 9/11. Is this how we send a thank you?

According to reports, there is nothing on President Obama’s schedule that would have prevented him from going — and he does have Air Force One.

This is embarrassing for the American people. Don’t we have better manners when it comes to our allies at a time of need?